Call Center Outsourcing

Call Center Outsourcing

As more and more businesses turn to call center outsourcing as the solution to their inbound and outbound calls, Performatel will be there with affordable options that improve your customers’ calling experience. Answering services and voicemail are obsolete- your callers want more when they reach out to your brand. We can deliver a positive interaction every time someone contacts your company, whether it’s to place an order, ask a question, or offer constructive criticism.

Why Should I Outsource Inbound Call Taking?

For about the same price your company pays for a front desk receptionist, you can hire 24-hour live agents to respond to your company’s inbound calls, so you’ll never miss another opportunity to provide exceptional service to a caller. Instead of background music or an option to push a button, your callers will experience instant, live, voice-on-the-line service to address their concerns, help make a purchase, set up a return, or get in contact with someone in your company. Agents at Performatel are trained to answer all calls just as if your receptionist answered them. You’ll get a lot more for your money with call center Outsourcing- we guarantee value at Performatel.

Can a Call Center Accurately Represent My Brand?

We can’t speak to the professionalism of other agencies, but we can promise to exceed your expectations when you hire Performatel to handle your inbound and outbound calls. We’ll work closely with your team to create all necessary information sheets for our agents to refer to when calls come in, or they need to follow up with your customers or clients. Your callers will experience a more streamlined communication with your brand and will never suspect the person they’re talking to is not sitting in your office. Along with excellent service quality, you’ll have access to the most affordable rates in the industry, so you’ll see business growth without a significant investment.

We Offer Real Value

Instead of having to take employees away from their duties to manage an influx of calls or reach out to customers for various reasons, our skilled agents can handle all of your calling needs and allow you to manage other aspects of your business. You’ll experience a laser-focus on key areas of company growth and operation that were once interrupted due to incoming and outgoing communication. Best of all, we can customize your call center outsourcing to ensure it meets your needs without burdening your budget. Give us a call to discuss a call center plan for your company.

The Performatel Difference

Your callers may never say a word about their improved experience when they contact your company, but you can rest assured, they’ll notice the first time they call. Professional communication and a commitment to providing quality customer care are two hallmarks of our dedication to your company when you become a performatel client. Find out how much money you can save using our live agent call center service when you contact our staff by phone or through email.

Call Center Outsourcing
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