Inbound Call Centres

Inbound Call Centres

Does your company need inbound call centres for support systems? Contact Performatel Above & Beyond The Call. See how they can help you with your business today.

How Can Inbound Call Centres Help My Business?

When a customer picks up the phone and calls your business, the "help desk" handles the call. The design of an inbound call centre is to route calls to customer support personnel that can help with billing, answer general questions, provide product support, service, and sales to customers or potential customers. Inbound call centres may also handle email or live chat. They are often the first contact a customer has with your company.

If you are considering procuring the services of an inbound call centre, you will want to make sure the company you hire has all of the appropriate qualifications and a highly trained staff. You want a friendly, happy voice to greet your customers on the phone. They should know what your brand stands for and should be able to provide courteous customer support with a high degree of integrity. Remember, they are representing your brand.

An excellent inbound call centre will help your company stand out in the customer service department. Successful companies have exceptional customer service across all platforms because the Internet has changed the way we do business and shop. Consumers are likely to use their smartphone, computer, or tablet to purchase items, and may need customer support in the form text message, live chat, or email.

Do Inbound Call Centres Provide Adequate Customer Support?

  • Yes, they can provide excellent customer service if they are well trained and have the proper tools for the task.

One of the most crucial responsibilities that a customer service centre can perform is giving your customer access and excellent customer service. What this looks like is different for each company, because every company has a unique personality. Companies typically have inbound call centres take care of their customer service complaints and requests. Some companies have remote employees that work from home, allowing customer service support teams to provide 24-hour support since there are employees in all time zones.

Some inbound calling centres will have tools that screen and route the call to the appropriate department. It is difficult to determine how many calls an inbound service representative may answer because some customer service calls are complex and require more time.

There are many variables when answering a call, but there should be a checklist. A happy customer is a repeat customer. Word of mouth advertising is vital for businesses. Social media has become an integrated part of our life.

Why Hire An Inbound Call Centre?

  • It takes a lot of equipment, education, expertise, and human resources to adequately staff and man a "help desk".

Not all companies have the resources. Call centres can also provide other services such as customer follow up, technical support, provide interpreters and can include telemarketing sales and fund-raising calls, and surveys. Let a centre do the work for you; they have the staff and equipment in place. Contact Performatel Above & Beyond The Call and let them help your business today.


Inbound Call Centres
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