Philippines call centers

Philippines call centers

Performatel is a Canadian owned BPO with offices in Canada and North America. We offer the best call center solutions that are cheaper than Philippines call centers.

Advantages of a BPO

Most businesses today outsource their business functions to companies that specialize in offering supplementary business processes. More commonly outsourced business functions include customer service, human resources, technical support, etc. Some of the advantages of business process outsourcing include:

  • Cost-effective: By outsourcing some of your business functions, you can cut costs significantly. In the absence of BPOs, you will have to spend money on talent sourcing, training, allowance packages, etc.
  • Specialized services: BPOs take care of employing the best employees to work on your business' customer service, technical support, sourcing talent, and other areas. Your customers enjoy the best quality of service from BPOs as the calls and emails of BPO personnel undergo quality checks regularly. 
  • Brand reputation: When you outsource business functions to reputed BPOs, your customers enjoy better service from using your product or service. Every satisfied customer is a valuable asset to your business, and it could improve your brand image and credibility considerably.

Besides, BPOs reduce the burden of work for businesses and allows them to focus on other core business functions. Unlike Philippines call centers, we are one of the few affordable BPOs with offices in Canada and North America to offer the best service at low rates.

How does customer service affect business?

With the evolution of social media, a customer’s word on your product travels faster than light. One dissatisfied customer can end up costing you thousands of dollars with a negative review. Customers expect to have their issues resolved within a matter of minutes, as nothing annoys an unhappy customer like long call queues and late email response to their complaint.

By attending to a customer’s complaint in a timely fashion, you still have the chance to turn his/her frown into a smile. An unhappy customer that gets a crappy service is bound to ruin your business’ reputation online with bad word of mouth and negative reviews. Businesses need to offer the best customer service to sustain and thrive in the industry.

Advantages of outsourcing technical support

Outsourcing technical support can save you costs that you'd otherwise spend on hiring and training technical talent. Moreover, BPOs source the most talented IT guys and train them to help customers with their technical problems. Lastly, by outsourcing the technical support department to a BPO, your business can focus more on other core areas. Not just that, but your customers also get to enjoy the best quality technical support without having to wait long call waiting times or resolution processing times.

With BPOs, you no longer have to spend hours and hours in sourcing technical talent and designing policies and procedures to govern, manage, and train them. Get in touch with Performatel for customer service, technical support, and retail sales support services. We offer the best voice and digital call center solutions at prices far lower than Philippines call centers.

Philippines call centers
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