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How Telemarketing Services Help Your Business Grow

Telemarketing Services for Different Kinds of Businesses

The BPO sector uses telemarketing call centers to reach targeted customers in less time. Outsourcing telemarketing is an essential medium that is proved to be the most flexible and dynamic way to contact customers. Telemarketing consists of surveys conducted over the telephone that medium to large sized businesses use to reach out to market new products to their customers successfully. Overall there are four types of telemarketing services in the business processing outsourcing industry – business to business telemarketing, outbound telemarketing, automated telemarketing, and business to consumer telemarketing. Telemarketing services aim to meet your growth goals through effective communication with your customers.

Inbound Services – Business to Consumer

Inbound telemarketing allows a direct line from your consumer to your business. With an inbound call center, professionally trained agents will be able to provide your customers with the correct information. This gives your customer the satisfaction of getting an answer at any time of day, which grows your brand impression and their loyalty to your business. With that loyalty, you can retain customers and sell your new services to them. Rather than hiring in-house, you can access the hundreds of readily available agents who have the goal to meet your customer expectations and brand promises.

Outbound Services

Make use of professional telemarketing services for contacting potential customers to grow your business. With a strategy based on your business needs, some outbound call centers avoid the direct calls many potential customers may not like by using a non-invasive approach such as conducting a simple survey or contact update. This approach generates a conversation about your company that could lead to new sales opportunities, build database lists, provide essential data about your consumer base for an improved marketing strategy.

Automated Telemarketing

Advances in technology have allowed more opportunities to save time and money with both inbound and outbound telemarketing. Automated telemarketing saves time for customers with repetitive tasks that are necessary for any call. You will minimize your costs and increase efficiency with automated systems. This reduces call times for live agents to allow more opportunities to fix more urgent problems. You can also use automated telemarketing for outbound telemarketing to alert your customers of appointments, new offers, product/service charges, appointment setting and more.

Business to Business Telemarketing

B2B telemarketing finds potential partnerships who need your services to improve their own businesses. These direct calls with your potential customers can increase lead generation and nurturing initiatives. These telemarketing services can be used simultaneously with your other strategies in order to grow your business.
As a business owner, your overall goal is to grow your business continuity through brand awareness, expansion, and effective and direct customer communication. Without a loyal consumer base, your business can suffer. The use of these telemarketing strategies can retain your customers through professional service and generate leads for more consumers with both inbound calls and outbound calls. We at Performatel work to meet your expectations with customized telemarketing services that are based on strict quality and customer satisfaction.